Urgent – add your name to demand a new law to cancel debt

Add your name in support of the open letter from Zambian activist Precious Kalombwana calling for a new law to cancel debt

Dear UK political leaders,

I live in Lusaka, Zambia - on the front line of a climate crisis we didn’t cause. Last year, my region was flooded, causing suffering to myself and others, including my father whose house was destroyed. 

Our government urgently needs money so it can deal with the climate crisis and protect citizens from economic hardship. But instead, we’re trapped spending billions in debt repayments. We’re in the worst debt crisis my country has seen in decades.  

Recently, our government called for debt relief, which resulted in some action. But lenders like financial giant BlackRock have been allowed to stall, block and refuse to participate, prioritising their own hunger for profit over the people of Zambia.  

But you have the power to change things. And this is why I write to you as a concerned and affected citizen.

Many of Zambia’s loans were given under English law, so the UK has a unique opportunity to act. By updating the 2010 Developing Countries Act with a new law, you could compel private creditors to cancel debt.  

If this debt is not restructured or forgiven, we are doomed as a people -  our challenges will continue and become more urgent. Please listen to the voices of people in Zambia and commit to passing this law.  

Precious Kalombwana 

Will you stand with me and add your name to mine, calling on political leaders to take action?


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