The People's Manifesto against unjust debt

The cost of living crisis has been the biggest shock of our generation, we’ve seen bills for essentials like energy and food costs soar and wages fail to keep up.

And when that happens there’s only one result – crushing debt. 13 million people in the UK are now weighed down by debt, that’s one in four. And without government action, the debt is going nowhere. Angela from East London says it best,

The government needs to know that debt is driving people to death.

But across the UK, hundreds of people who know what it’s like to experience the daily stress of being in debt have come together to write the Together Against Debt People’s Manifesto – with three key demands for what they want to see changed.

It’s crucial that whoever forms the next government takes action to end the UK’s personal debt crisis. To make these demands impossible to ignore, we need thousands of us to stand in solidarity and add our names.

We’ll deliver them to all the main parties ahead of the upcoming general election. Will you add your voice and stand Together Against Debt?

Want to know more? Read the full Together Against Debt – People’s Manifesto

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